Dana Falsetti har i hela sitt liv tänkt på hennes kropp som ett problem – något som begränsat allt annat i hennes liv. Men efter att ha hittat sin inre styrka i yoga vill hon nu inspirera andra till att våga gå utanför sina gränser.

”Många tror att de behöver vara smala för att praktisera yoga. Men snälla, lyssna på mig när jag säger att yoga är för varje kroppskriver Dana på sin hemsida.

Vi på ToppHälsa kan bara häpnas av dessa vackra bilder!

This West Coast adventure (an understatement) is coming to a close, but I have some workshops coming up that I’m looking forward to! They are a mix of inversions, arm balances, and fundamentals. Always open to all levels, all beginner friendly. If you feel like you want to attend but don’t feel ready yet, that means you should come. All you have to do is show up and bring an open mind. You can sign up through the link in my bio! Upcoming Workshops: Alexandria, VA (sold out). New Orleans, LA. Philadelphia, PA. Denver, CO. If I’m not hitting a city near you yet, you can always practice with me at home on @codyapp! I’ll be announcing many more workshops as the year progresses. Photo by @brookemichellej. Bikini by @aerie.

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Over the last few days I’ve gotten countless messages about how to start practicing, where you can take my classes, etc. First of all of you want to start practicing, just do it. Go to a class even if you feel insecure, find some classes online and don’t be afraid to let them kick your ass in the best way, make it happen because you deserve that time for self care. I can’t help you make the time for it, but I can give you resources. Last week I launched my @codyapp plan that I am so honored to share. This plan includes my wrist and shoulder routine, posture break downs in simple language, an awesome strength building class to give you a solid foundation, and flows to put it all together. It’s great for beginners, for those in bigger bodies and all bodies, for seasoned practitioners, for everyone. The coolest part about @codyapp is that I can interact with you as you log the classes, so I’m available online to answer any questions along the way. Today’s Riverside CA workshop is sold out, but I have upcoming workshops in Alexandria VA, New Orleans, Philly, and Denver! Sign up through the link in my bio. xx

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Today is the first day of #selflovig and my first day of YTT @bodhimovement. I had such an amazing day and met some absolutely beautiful people. I am at peace and beyond inspired. Love to self: I love myself for finding the courage to be vulnerable. To open up enough to realize that being stubborn, that running away doesn’t equate to strength. True strength comes from love, and that starts with me. Love to another (or in this case, others!): Today I’m sending love to my Bodhi Squad – the amazing group of people I spent today with. Some are teachers, some aspiring teachers, but we are all students and all inspire the light in each other. I am extremely grateful to spend the next 6 weeks surrounded by such amazing beings. Tonight is a full moon, a fitting reminder that we are all connected, that our thoughts and energies are powerful, and that we can choose to love everyday. || @doodledog || @gordonogden || || @eriecalee || @jirodgreene || || @asanafordays || @trevmcgrev || || @gorjusshan || @buddhamom76 || || @itsyogagirl || @greenideas80 || ||@nolatrees || @reganwarner || || @daughteroftheuniverse || || @joe_lizzzzzz_yoga || @deandreyoga ||

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”Ge dig själv en chans. Ge dig själv chansen att känna ditt egenvärde. Det kommer att förändra ditt liv.” skriver hon på sin hemsida.



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